Between the universal shift to anywhere work and what is being labeled as “The Great Resignation,” the evolving enterprise landscape has required organizations to adjust their security strategies in real-time to stay one step ahead of attackers and protect review film stakeholder data. To improve security postures, organizations should consider conducting a baseline vulnerability assessment or threat hunting exercises to identify where systems are vulnerable and where increased security controls need to be applied.

“The lines between work and our personal life have increasingly been blurred over the past few years as our homes now double as our offices,” said Karen Worstell, senior cybersecurity strategist at VMware. “This is not likely to change soon, as companies continue to delay their return to office plans. As we settle into a new era of anywhere work, enterprises must understand that data privacy practices rest on a foundation of strong cybersecurity controls. Data Privacy Week is a time for organizations to set goals for implementing best practices that improve data protection and cybersecurity. These include robust vulnerability management, implementing multifactor authentication, threat hunting, and network micro-segmentation, among others.”

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